Dodgers: Tommy Kahnle Thinks Los Angeles is Going Back-to-Back in 2021

Dodgers: Tommy Kahnle Thinks Los Angeles is Going Back-to-Back in 2021

The Dodgers signing Tommy Kahnle to a 2-year deal might be one of the more underrated moves this offseason. Kahnle likely won’t pitch in 2021 as he continues to rehab from Tommy John surgery, but his value beyond that could be huge. 

Between 2016 and 2019, Kahnle put up some wild numbers for the White Sox and Yankees. in 194 appearances, he struck out more than 12 batters per 9 innings and had a FIP right around 3. The Dodgers scooped him up on a 2-year deal that pays him out a total of $5.25 million. 

While not many Dodgers fans have got the chance to know him yet, Kahnle is quite the personality. His interviews while in New York are worth the time on YouTube when you have some free time. Kahnle also has a Twitch channel where he often interacts with fans while playing games. In a recent stream, one fan asked him who he thought would win the World Series. 

I mean, what kind of question is that man? You know the deal. Obviously, the answer is the Doyers. The Dodgers baby. The Dodgers.

Obviously, any player is going to insist that their team is going to win the World Series. Especially when you’re brand new to a team and won’t pitch this year. But Dodgers fans in the chat loved the answer, and we love the confidence. 

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Kahnle has said within the last couple of weeks that he is hoping to pitch for the Dodgers in 2021. Given the timeline of his TJ surgery and the typical recovery period, that would seem unlikely. But if Los Angeles does make a postseason run, it wouldn’t be entirely impossible. 

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