We run in the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT %

We run in the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT %

There’s been a huge amount of noise about this shoe, so chances are you’ve already seen it crop up. I got my hands on a pair to review, and wanted to give you our thoughts as soon as I’d had a trot round the block in them.

First off, before I even opened the box, I love the idea of this: just as with the Brooks Hyperion Elite/Tempo pairing, this is the ‘training’ answer to the Alphafly. The idea is that you run your marathon in the Alphafly – potentially nabbing that PB as you do so – but you train for that marathon, and build your strength with the Tempo.

This makes sense to me: partner shoes that have the same fit and feel, the same geometry, but that offer different returns: one is to help you raise your training game and to aid speedy recoveries, and the other is the short-sharp fix to get you over the finish line.

Out of the box

The Tempo is a head-turner, as a lot of Nike’s offerings are these days. The white, the flashes of rainbow colour, that stacked sole: everything looks just so… extra.

The feel, though, the feel… They are incredible once on. There’s no better word for it. I’ve not felt a shoe like it. I love the flyknit upper: you get a sock-fit with an integrated tongue, so that means there’s no rubbing at all, and the fit around the midsole is like a hug for your foot. It’s great. With my high arches, you don’t even really need to do up the laces. It’s like your Cinderella moment, right there.

The fit is spot on, I’d say – I normally go up half a size in running shoes, and this method worked perfectly here.

But the real happiness is underfoot. It feels like you’ve just slipped on two mini trampolines for your feet. The support is fantastic, and the bounce is brilliant. They basically make you want to go for a run.

As you jump up and down in them, you’ll also notice the outsole: this is a much chunkier number than you’ll find on the Alphafly, contributing to the higher weight of the Tempo. But it’s also the thing that is fundamental to the shoe’s durability. The outsole feels reliably sticky, with a tread that felt secure and stable on all road surfaces.

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