U.S. Soldier Reaction : All Blacks Vs U.S.A. Eagles Soldier Field! Greatest Rugby Teams of All Time

U.S. Soldier Reaction : All Blacks Vs U.S.A. Eagles Soldier Field! Greatest Rugby Teams of All Time

U.S. soldier reaction : New Zealand all Blacks Vs U.S.A. Eagles Rugby match. Greatest Rugby Games of all time.




What is up ya’ll thank you so much for watching don’t forget to Comment What you would like see me react to next! In today’s episode a U.S. soldier reacts to the New Zealand All Blacks vs U.S.A. Eagles Rugby match On Soldier Field in Chicago Illinois U.S.A. I had no idea the New Zealand All Blacks came to America and played our U.S. Rugby team in a match on Iconic Soldier Field. Thank you all for recommending me this match even though the U.S. team is no where near the superior rugby prowess of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Squad, it is still very entertaining to see how far America has to go to catch up with the rest of the world on the rugby stage.

As some of you may have noticed a couple of my rugby videos had to be taken down due to copyright so if anyone knows who I can get in contact with to gain access to react to rugby highlights please let me know in the comments or on my IG. I am working to get them republished so hopefully soon they will be back up on our channel. I’ve reached out to Both NRL and Super Rugby to try and speak with someone and am still awaiting their respective responses, but until then I hope you are enjoying my free content and hope to push rugby as a sport and a whole into mega popularity in America and each on of you watching helps us do that every single day so thank you guys so much for the support on these videos. If you like what you see please consider subscribing because it truly does help the channel!

Includes in these highlights are teams from South Africa, England, Japan, China, New Zealand , Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Wales, France, Argentina, Fiji, Georgia, Tonga, Italy, Samoa, United States, U.S., Uruguay, Spain, Romania, Russia.

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