‘One Piece’ Episode 940 Preview Hints At Tonoyasu’s Death And Zoro’s Revenge

‘One Piece’ Episode 940 Preview Hints At Tonoyasu’s Death And Zoro’s Revenge

One Piece Episode 940 featured the day of the execution of Tonoyasu, the most loved citizen of Ebisu Town and the former daimyo of Hakumai. When he was informed about the real identity of Tonoyasu, Shogun Kurozumi Orochi immediately ordered his men to prepare to execute him in public. Upon hearing the news about Tonoyasu’s captivity, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates – Nico Robin, Nami, Usopp, Cyborg Franky, “Soul King” Brook, and Roronoa Zoro – and the people of Ebisu Town immediately headed towards the location where their comrade will be sentenced to death.

However, despite their strong efforts to save him, the former daimyo of Hakumai still ended up suffering the same fate as the late Lord Kozuki Oden. In the preview, One Piece Episode 940, which is titled “Zoro’s Fury! The Truth About the Smile!,” is set to feature the death of Tonoyasu from the hands of Shogun Orochi’s men.

“Entrusting the Land of Wano’s future to the Straw Hats, Tonoyasu dies with a smile on his face! The people of Ebisu Town grieve, but Zoro sees them laughing hysterically! When he learns the truth behind their smiles, he becomes furious!”

Tonoyasu purposely handed himself to the enemy to save the Straw Hat Pirates alliance’s plan from being completely ruined. To get the attention of the people of the Land of Wano, he lied about being Ushimitsu Kozo. Though he’s well aware of the possible result of his reckless action, Tonoyasu strongly believes that his death wouldn’t be meaningless.

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By saying that he’s the one who distributed the flyers containing a secret message for Lord Oden’s followers, Shogun Orochi will think that the Nine Red Scabbards haven’t really returned to the Land of Wano to have their revenge. This will enable the Straw Hat Pirates alliance to push through with their original plan, from preparation to the exact day of their raid at the Beast Pirates’ headquarters in Onigashima.

One Piece Episode 940 is also set to show Zoro wreaking havoc at the Flower Capital after personally witnessing Tonoyasu’s death. Despite the death of their comrade, Pirate Hunter will see the people of Ebisu Town laughing uncontrollably. He will get angry at them at first, but Kozuki Hiyori will explain to him the reason behind their smile.

Those people were all results of a failed SMILE devil fruit experiment of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido. After consuming an ineffective SMILE devil fruit, most of their emotions vanished. No matter what they feel, all they can do is laugh and smile. After learning the truth, Zoro is set to target Shogun Orochi. However, with the number of guards surrounding Shogun Orochi, it remains a big question mark if Pirate Hunter will successfully avenge Tonoyasu and the people of Ebisu Town from the cruel ruler of the Land of Wano.

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