Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks Baseball’s Unwritten Rules Need a Change

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks Baseball’s Unwritten Rules Need a Change

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is a guy always willing to change his opinion based on experience and education. He changed his tune on kneeling during the anthem based on conversations and world events, and more is changing this week.

It all started when the Padres; Fernando Tatis Jr took a swing on a 3-0 count. Tatis hit a grand slam with his team already up big, sparking a debate in baseball. In the mind of the Rangers and manager Chris Woodward, Tatis had broken an unwritten rule. That rule is that you don’t swing 3-0 with your team up by a lot. But the Dodgers manager might not agree with that anymore. 

Roberts talked with Dodgers media ahead of the game on Tuesday afternoon. He was asked about the events that occurred during that game, given his connection to the Padres and Rangers’ manager Chris Woodward. Roberts felt that baseball was due for a change. 

I think the unwritten rules have changed, should change. And each passing day we’ve got to continue to break some of those rules, and that’s a good thing…Personally, I flipped a little bit more to just playing to win the game and keep playing.

There has definitely been a shift in baseball over the last ten years or so that would support Roberts’ thoughts. The game is shifting back towards being fun and passionate, and not the old school hard nose style of ball. Players are slowly being encouraged to be themselves and to be honest, it’s exactly what baseball needs. Let’s face it, baseball isn’t the preferred sport of the country anymore, it’s just not ‘cool’ enough for kids growing up. The Dodgers are one of the teams hoping to change that.

MLB average attendance has seen close to a 10 percent dip in since 2009. Obviously 2020 there is no attendance so this is going off of 2019 numbers. The old unwritten rules need to go, and it will be good for baseball in the long run. 

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