Dodgers: Why Mookie Betts Wears That Necklace Every Game

Dodgers: Why Mookie Betts Wears That Necklace Every Game

Having Mookie Betts play in a Dodgers uniform has easily been one of the most fun parts of 2020. Not only is he absolutely crushing it on the field, but he’s also winning over plenty of teammates in the process. Mookie is all around a great guy, and we couldn’t be happier to see him get that massive extension.

But you might be wondering, with all of that money, why does Mookie choose to wear that necklace? You don’t have to look too closely to see what looks like a homemade accessory featuring a baseball bat and ball on a thread. As it turns out, there is a good reason that the Dodgers outfielder wears it every game.

As it turns out, Betts got the necklace from a kid during Spring Training back in 2018. Betts did say that he continues to wear it not because of good luck, but because he genuinely likes it. Speaking with Red Sox media in 2018, Betts revealed that it never really comes off. We just thought Dodgers fans might be interested to know where it came from.

I just don’t take it off. There’s no way it’s going to break. I only take it off if I get my neck worked on, but other than I don’t take it off.

Whatever the kid did to that necklace, it appears to have worked for Mookie that year. Betts took home the AL MVP Award hitting .346 and slugging 32 homeruns. Betts also happened to win the World Series that year against the Dodgers. Sorry for the reminder. 

That good luck does also not appear to be exclusive to Boston, as Mookie continues to crush with the Dodgers. Betts hit his 9th homerun of the year on Monday night and has now driven in 21 runs. 

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