Dodgers Sit On Top of MLB Power Rankings After a Big Week

Dodgers Sit On Top of MLB Power Rankings After a Big Week

After a week that included a pair of tough losses to the Padres, the Dodgers have not moved from their spot in the power rankings. A series sweep over the Anaheim Angels was enough to boost Los Angeles right back to where they belong. 

MLB came out with the power ranking updates this morning. As expected, the Dodgers are number one, and with good reason. They are currently on a 5-game winnings streak and have outscored their opponents  38-14 since last Thursday in that stretch. Mookie Betts has been a big part of that success, mashing 6 homeruns an knocking in 13 since his return from a finger injury. 

The Dodgers also have the potential to carry that winning streak deep into this week. They will play 4 consecutive games against the Seattle Mariners, a team that has been among the worst in the AL in run production. Seattle also has one of the worst team ERA’s in all of baseball at the moment.

The funny thing is the Dodgers still have yet to fire on all cylinders offensively. Max Muncy has struggled all season, though he did have some success this past weekend. Reigning NL MVP Cody Bellinger is starting to find his swing, though the numbers certainly wouldn’t show it. And even Walker Buehler hasn’t been as dominant as he normally is early on, posting a 5.21 ERA. 

Regardless, the Dodgers rank first in baseball with a 2.49 team ERA. They also have produced 128 runs, the most in all of MLB. Their power approach from last year hasn’t changed either, putting up a league-best 43 homeruns. If some of their key pieces start to catch fire, look out. 

The A’s, Yankees, Cubs, and Twins rounded out the top 5 in baseball’s power rankings. 

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