Daniel Cormier’s tough exit, O’Malley’s fragility

Daniel Cormier’s tough exit, O’Malley’s fragility

It was a gut-wrenching exit for Daniel Cormier. Watching him stand there being interviewed by Joe Rogan post-fight, with no title over his shoulder and an utterly mangled eye that tuned out to be a torn cornea, was not the scene many, including myself, expected to see at the end of the night.

That’s the cruel nature of this game, though. When all the stars seem to be aligning for something great, the carpet gets pulled out. That’s what Cormier experienced.

This loss doesn’t take from Cormier’s greatness, but it also doesn’t enhance it. Is he the heavyweight GOAT? No. And he’s not at light heavyweight, either. He’s offered us some of the most memorable fights, rivalries and moments in UFC history, though, and that needs to be appreciated.

We don’t need to run over the specifics of every accolade. We’ll surely get into all that in the coming days. All the should really be noted now if Cormier should go out with his head held high.

Going out on this loss is going to burn at Cormier for the rest of his life, no doubt. Especially now that we know how badly his eye was injured. He will learn to accept and move on from it, though, and the future remains bright.

It’s wild to think Cormier was one of the best of all-time, but his contributions to the sport in his post-fighting life through being an analyst and mentor to others might be even greater when all is said and done.

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