Dodgers Fan Rob Lowe Once Again Trolls the Houston Asterisks

Dodgers Fan Rob Lowe Once Again Trolls the Houston Asterisks

The nightmare season continues for the Houston Astros. They continue to be the butt of jokes and memes, the pitches are still flying at them — some connecting, unlike the suspended Joe Kelly of the Dodgers — all the while their superstars are showing that guessing is, in fact, harder than knowing as they compile a collective batting average under .200.

And they did it all to themselves.

So as the hits keep on coming in terms of slamming the cheaters, noted Dodgers fan Rob Lowe took another shot at the ‘stros this week. This time on the biggest podcast in the world, Lowe subtly sported his favorite ballcap of 2020… his asterisk H cap. And it broke the baseball sector of the internet.

Rob Lowe literally is the best. And he literally loves letting people know that he is not a fan of the Houston Astros. Soon after MLB handed down its wrist-slap punishment to the organization, Lowe was found proudly wearing an Asterisks shirt to an event (back when we had events).

Since then he’s made it well known that he’s not happy with the Houston franchise — including on a visit with Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” where he defended the honor of Clayton Kershaw and his legacy tarnished by the cheating Astros.

As he noted with PMT, he made 7,000 (!) of the Asterisk hats like he wore while visiting with Joe Rogan on Friday, so don’t expect him to stop wearing them any time soon. Terrific! 

Dodgers Nation thanks you for your service, Rob.

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