Dodgers: Chris Taylor Throws Shade at the Padres While Talking About Game-Ending Throw

Dodgers: Chris Taylor Throws Shade at the Padres While Talking About Game-Ending Throw

If you’re like me, you’ve still got that Chris Taylor throw in San Diego on your mind. A 93.3mph one-hop missile to nail the speedy Trent Grisham made me feel more alive than I’d felt for most of this nightmare 2020.

For the Dodgers, CT93.3 is usually one of the more quiet guys on the field, but when you get a reaction out of him, it probably means something great just happened. We saw it in Milwaukee in the 2018 NLCS, and it’s still wonderfully fresh from when he called ball game on the Padres. 

On Friday, LA’s best utility player took some time to chat with Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh about that throw. And it turns out, he might not have known how big that throw was going to be out of the hand.

Honestly, it was a little weird. I was definitely pumped up but I was almost second guessing how many outs there were because you don’t have that adrenaline with the crowd rush… it was kind of deadly silent which made me second guess ‘oh, was that the third out?’

Even without the crowd, Taylor still enjoyed taking out the Padres who notably looked at this series a lot differently than the Dodgers did.

I think that [play] hurt them a little bit. That was a huge series for them and you could tell with the way they were playing with the level of intensity they had all series — they were treating that like their World Series. It made it feel that much better that we were able to take those last two and win the series.

Sneaky sick burn, CT.

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