2020 NHL Playoffs Predictions w/ Steve Dangle & Justin Bourne

2020 NHL Playoffs Predictions w/ Steve Dangle & Justin Bourne

Join Steve Dangle and Justin Bourne as they share their predictions for the entirety of the 2020 NHL Playoffs. Find out which upsets they think will happen, which teams they believe will make the Stanley Cup Finals and more importantly who they predict will be the 2020 Stanley Cup Champions!

2:37 Trade deadline recap
7:13 Seeding top 4 teams in each conference
13:26 Eastern conference play-ins discussion
17:43 Maple Leafs vs Blue Jackets predictions
19:36 Penguins vs Canadiens predictions
22:19 Islanders vs Panthers predictions
24:20 Hurricanes vs Rangers predictions
27:53 Flames vs Jets predictions
30:29 Oilers vs Blackhawks predictions
31:48 Canucks vs Wild predictions
33:56 Predators vs Coyotes predictions
36:35 Bourne’s full playoff bracket + predictions
39:25 Dangle’s full playoff bracket + predictions
43:09 Bourne’s Stanley Cup Finals prediction
44:04 Dangle’s Stanley Cup Finals prediction


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