latest scores from Harding Park

latest scores from Harding Park

The 2020 USPGA Championship begins on Thursday, the first of three golf majors in a rearranged 2020 schedule.

You can follow the latest scores as the first day progresses here.

Ahead of the tournament starting, Rory McIlroy – a winner in 2014 – admitted it is “easy to lose focus” without the noise and excitement generated by crowds.

“Obviously it isn’t new to us at this point. We’ve been back playing on Tour for the last eight or nine weeks or whatever it is,” McIlroy said.

“I’ve found myself looking at leaderboards a little more just to see where I am on there and see where other people are. There’s no feedback from anywhere else; there’s even no scoreboard holders, so you don’t even know how the guys in your group are doing, (but) at this point we should all be used to it.

“We all wish that we were playing in front of fans and have it feel like a real major championship, but I think we’re just lucky that we’re able to play golf tournaments at this point.

“For me personally, it’s just taken a little while to get used to that. It’s five tournaments in, I should be pretty much adapted to it now. If having to play golf without fans, if that’s in the forefront of my mind as one of my biggest concerns, then everything is okay.”

Follow the first round here:

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