Dodgers: Doc Roberts Reacts to Dustin May’s Filthy Fastball to Manny Machado

Dodgers: Doc Roberts Reacts to Dustin May’s Filthy Fastball to Manny Machado

It’s hard to become a legend in Los Angeles as a 22-year-old, but Dustin May came through with the next best thing on Tuesday night. He went viral.

Code Red became the talk of the internet as he was trending for striking out Padres’ $300 million man Manny Machado with absolute filth.

The 99 mile-per-hour 2-seam fast had an estimated* five feet of run on it. *Estimates may not be accurate. Moreover, the pitch absolutely caught the eye of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

I couldn’t imagine a better pitch on the filth meter. It started middle-in and I think it ended up six to eight inches inside. That just speaks to the depth and the run on the pitch.

A pitch with that kind of movement is hard enough to find, but when you mix in the elite velocity you may be looking at an upper echelon of pitchers. Roberts continued on that velocity and at-bat.

You’re talking about 99 miles-per-hour that made a really, really good hitter look pretty bad.

Again, that hitter was former Dodger Manny Machado, so we enjoy the slight shot taken. After the outing, Dustin May was asked about his 2-seam fastball and the pitch that got both players trending on Twitter.

May tossed 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on only 3 hits while striking out a career-high 8 batters. With his third start in the books, the righty picked up his first win of the season. His season ERA sits at 2.63 leaving Dave Roberts to admit that there are some difficult decisions ahead as starter Alex Wood recovers from a shoulder issue.

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