Dodgers: An Update on Joe Kelly’s Suspension Appeal

Dodgers: An Update on Joe Kelly’s Suspension Appeal

It has now been one week since the Dodgers’ Joe Kelly kicked off the Astros incident. And it has been almost one week since Kelly was handed a hefty suspension by Major League Baseball for that. 

MLB generally likes to get appeals taken care of quickly, but that has not been the case here. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts spoke to media on Tuesday and talked about the appeal. He has not received an answer from the league, but it is expected this week.

The 8-game suspensions would come out to 22 games in a regular season, a record for such an incident. It’s understandable that the Dodgers would feel this was far too much, and that Kelly would opt to appeal. 

With rosters set to trim down to 28 on Thursday, the Dodgers could choose to use Kelly often this week. Getting him into as many games as possible before he is forced to rest might be ideal at this point for the bullpen. Kelly has now pitched in 3 games since the incident. 

The Dodgers will play two more games in San Diego before heading home to Los Angeles. They start a 7-game homestand on Friday. 

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