A first look at the shoe we’ve all been waiting for: The Clifton 7!

A first look at the shoe we’ve all been waiting for: The Clifton 7!

HOKA’s Clifton is a go-to for many of us; road runners who put in the mileage on pavement and tarmac, who want the protection, comfort and energy return that HOKA is renowned for. We have loved the Clifton 6: it’s plush, ridiculously comfortable and super lightweight. The ideal shoe for putting the miles in.

And now HOKA have gone one better with the Clifton 7. So what’s new?

Check out the 6 and the 7 side by side, and you can spot a few differences immediately. The fabric hook at the back of the 6 has been replaced by a new vertical pull tab, part of a new plush collar that eases Achilles pressure. This is also seen in HOKA’s Edge, launched just a few weeks ago, and works well in both shoes – you can feel the support just where you need it.

Another new development in the 7 is that the tongue is now anchored with mesh, preventing it from slipping to either side. You can also see that the eyestays for the lacing have been reinforced, which adds to the durability of the shoe. You can clearly rely on the Clifton for some heavy duty mileage. If you needed any more persuading on that score, it’s worth noting that Carla Molinaro broke the LEJOG record last week wearing a pair of Clifton 7’s!

The 7 feels just as comfortable and plush as you’d expect with that signature HOKA cushioning from the EVA midsole and an early stage Meta-Rocker for a super smooth ride, but now with this more streamlined silhouette and an updated upper made from engineered mesh. Basically, the stuff you wanted to stay the same is the same: the plushness, the lightness, the ride. While the updates only add benefits to an already great shoe.

And we have to give full marks to the design – we loved the styling of the Edge, and hoped that this might have rubbed off on the Clifton, and it has: it’s a stunning shoe. Basically, what you’ve got here is the Clifton 6 – but hotter. Get your hands on a pair here.

Price: £125
Weight: 201g
Drop: 5mm

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