PGA’s bulked-up DeChambeau’s goal is living to 130-140

PGA’s bulked-up DeChambeau’s goal is living to 130-140

New York (AFP) – Bryson DeChambeau, the self-styled scientist of the US PGA Tour who bulked up during the COVID-19 pandemic hiatus, says his goal is to live to age 130 or 140.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the big-hitting 26-year-old American talked about his diet regimen and filtered water and said his biggest goal is prolonging his life to record levels.

“I’ve always been interested in life in general,” DeChambeau told the magazine. “I’m always trying to add more value to my life in general.

“I mean, my goal is to live to 130 or 140. I really think that’s possible now with today’s technology. I think somebody’s going to do it in the next 30 or 40 years.”

The oldest person who has ever lived, according to the Gerontology Research Group, was Jeanne Calment, a French woman who lived more than 122 years before dying in 1997.

DeChambeau has added distance off the tee with consistent workouts and protein shakes while skipping things like vegetables and alcohol more often than not.

“I want humans to be better. I want them to succeed,” DeChambeau told GQ.

“I want to say, ‘Hey, this is all the stuff I’ve experienced that helped me do my best. If it helps you, great. If it doesn’t, well, let’s keep working on it. Let’s keep figuring stuff out.’ That’s my take on life.”

There are some skeptics, such as PGA rival Justin Thomas, who aimed a tweet at DeChambeau after being tweeted a copy of his age comments: “What in the hell are you even talking about dude?”

Seventh-ranked DeChambeau has gotten plenty of golf fans to pay attention with seven top-eight finishes in a row until missing the cut two weeks ago at the Memorial. His run included a victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit four weeks ago.

Since reaching the PGA Tour, he has won at least once a year. DeChambeau took the 2017 John Deere Classic, the 2018 Memorial as well as three other titles, the European Tour’s 2019 Dubai Desert Classic and this year at Detroit with a career-low 23-under par 265 total.

Despite that success, DeChambeau has yet to manage a top-10 finish at a major championship, his best result a share of 15th at the 2016 US Open, his first major as a professional.

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